The Death Trap

The Death Trap

It all started one day when we were having discussion ( argument ) about 1/4 mile times and what is and isn’t a respectable time at a certain power level.

 Disagreeing with a colleges comment that his car could run in the 13’s i said ” I could make that old skoda run in the 13’s easy !”  the challange was on..

The octavia was already a 1.8T model and 4wd which made for a good base but with 150hp this wouldn’t do at all,  Having a good experience of the 1.8T engine both building and tuning we set about the power upgrades.

We used only secondhand parts left over from past builds and projects to keep the costs sensible and see how far we could push them

The engine is stock size with only forged conrods added to its internals to handle the Precision turbo we strapped to it and along with a bottle of nitrous.

Here’s how our first outing went below !

And here’s a video from the stands with the best time we ran that day.

After the success of our first outing of running 12.4 @ 119 mph smashing our goal we thought we’d try again and see if we could get into the high 11’s with this far from light or aerodynamic Skoda !

A weight loss program was started getting rid of anything not needed and more tuning with added boost and nitrous.

The engine now produced 400hp and 470hp with nitrous so off went to the GTI festival at Santa Pod and here’s how it went below

We couldn’t quite belive it as the times came down and to run 11.4 @ 128 in the end a whole second quicker than the last outing and we also won the quickest Skoda and quickest in our group award !