Just needs plugging in mate…… Wrong Diagnosis


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Recently it seems we are getting more and more cars in the workshop that have a fault and have been wrongly diagnosed beforehand and had money wasted on parts often £100’s

What all these jobs have had in common is the owners have all had the car plugged in by a mate or by someone from Facebook charging £10 to “ diagnose the problem “ or took advice from internet forums.

Now I’m not saying investigating your own cars faults is a bad thing, its good to learn but don’t learn the hard and expensive way, there’s a big difference in just plugging a machine in and reading a fault code to actually diagnosing the correct fault and its cause.

Here’s an example….

We recently had an Audi TT 225 Quattro 2004 in the workshop that had fault 16486 Mass Air Flow Too Low

The car was down on power and misfired when driven the customer reported, After getting his mate to read the fault code he purchased…..

Air flow sensor at £120+vat

New spark plugs and a further 4 new coil units after that didn’t fix the problem £££

New fuel pump after a forum member diagnosed his fault over the internet (we would love to learn how to do this £££££££)

After all this and losing the will to carry on he was recommended to bring the car to us by a friend so he booked in for a diagnostic session.

We test drove the car and then pulled it in to the workshop by this time we already had a good idea what the fault may be by the way the Audi was behaving on the road.

After some tests we found what we was looking for…….an air leak, yes an air leak coming from a split intercooler hose coming from the turbo, a new hose ordered and fitted and the car was ready to go.

The steps we took to diagnose the fault on this Audi TT did not involve plugging the car in at all to read fault codes it involved experience, intuition and feel.

The owner could have saved hundreds of pounds by getting the correct diagnosis by an experienced workshop.

We charge £45+vat for a diagnostic session and this is not us simply plugging a machine in to read codes it includes a lot more, it includes experience.

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