Getting Tuned ? Here’s a Top Ten list Of Pre Dyno Checks

Getting Tuned ? Here’s a Top Ten list Of Pre Dyno Checks

We have put a quick list together of a few things to check before taking your car to be dyno’d

1. Check the oil level, when was it changed, any leaks ?

2. Coolant system level, fan working, overheating or leaks ?

3. Air leaks, Vac, intercooler all sealed properly ?

4. When was the cam belt last changed ?

5. Tyres in good condition with correct pressure

6. Correct spark plugs fitted for the tune and in good condition

7. Fuel filter, when was it last changed ?

8. Exhaust, any leaks or known problems ?

9. Is the engine in good condition, any loud mechanical noises, engine light on ?

10. Fuel level,  fill the tank at least a 3rd to half full of Shell Nitro plus 98 octane fuel if petrol this will yield the best results

If your car is modified ? tell or give the tuner your spec list

Most of the list of common sense really and we do our own checks pre tune but a healthy car makes healthy gains !

Its your job to make sure your car is healthy before you hand it over to the dyno operator as no responsibility will be accepted for damage caused by mechanical failure whilst on the dyno