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Dyno Tuning and Remapping

Dyno Tuning – Remapping – ECU Tuning at Volks Workshop

 What is Dyno Tuning ?

Dyno tuning allows us to tune your vehicle in the safety of our workshop whilst logging engine parameters and making changes to get the very best from your tune.

What is Remapping and ECU Tuning ?

Remapping essentially changes the vehicles engine software to a modified version this is known as a ‘map’ there are 1000’s of control maps in the engines software which can be modified to give increased power, better MPG

What does all this stage 1,2 and 3 stuff mean anyway ?

Stage one –

Stage one remapping does not require any other engine modifications it is designed to work with all the factory hardware but induction kits can be added for increased gains.

Stage Two –

Stage two remapping requires hardware changes and can be different from car to car but this generally uses the engines factory turbo if fitted and hardware around this is changed to get the absolute best gains such as,

Decat or Sports cat down pipe or pipes to increase flow in the exhaust system

Larger induction pipes and or a performance intake system again allowing for better flow

Front mount intercooler FMIC or larger FMIC

Colder rated spark plugs for petrol engines

Performance clutch

Stage Three

Stage three remapping can be classed as major hardware changes along with all the stage two mods it also requires in most cases a larger or hybrid turbo and stronger engine internals, connecting rods, pistons and valvetrain

The only question left is…. How far do you want to go ?

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