VW Golf 1.6 TDI Not The Same After The Emissions Fix

They Ruined My Car….. The Emissions Fix


After taking the car back to VW for the now famous “ Emissions update “ for  “  THE FIX  “

Our customer was complaining of low power, poor fuel efficiency and the engine even sounding differently, just not the same anymore.

We got the Golf 1.6 TDI onto the dyno for some tests and found the maximum horsepower it produced was 89hp ! this Golf is a 105hp model so we carried out more health checks and it was found that the software was the issue after finding no physical problems.

We started with a new fresh ECU file that hadn’t been “ Fixed “ and tuned the car to a respectable 133hp 222tq and then after another software revision we ended up with an even better 150hp 232tq and more importantly completely transforming the car for the owner.

Take a look at the first runs on the dyno with the emission fix software installed and then after our custom tuning.

A great spread of torque throughout the rev range giving the 1.6 TDI great usability.





88hp to 150hp

Job done 

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